Squalane is a light, scentless & quickly absorbing oil which is known to heal the skin from the inside out & is also loved for its ability to promote cell elasticity, cell regeneration & fight fine lines & wrinkles. 

The compound of Squalane is naturally found in the skin as a lipid (so you're not introducing anything foreign to the body) which makes it the perfect moisturizer for any part you deem fit, even sensitive skin.

We have used Pure Bliss as a wonderful facial moisturizer (every day, even for tricky skin types), under eye treatment, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, blisters, fever blisters, sunburns, burns... Our customers also swear by it for helping eczema & psoriasis spots too.

Squalane Oil (Pure Bliss)

  • 100% Squalane Oil derived from Olive.

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